How To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To PC Without Receiver

Utilizing the keyboard and mouse can cause frustration if you’re a dedicated video gamer.

You’ll need to be at your PC, cling to WASD keys, and learn a few other buttons to take immediate action when playing games. Connect Xbox 360 Controller

Most importantly, your hands are painfully slouched for long periods.

This is where the is a must.

While they’re a great relief but it can be a bit difficult or costly to connect these controllers with your computer.

You’re probably wondering whether you could join an Xbox 360 controller to a PC without having a receiver.

Read on to find out if this is possible.

How to connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC without a Receiver

Ways to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Computer

Here’s the bad report:

You cannot connect a wireless Xbox controller to your computer without the receiver.

This is because the gadgets have a unique connection protocol that can only be recognized via an adapter.

There’s no way to connect to an Xbox 360 controller via Bluetooth.


They operate with a different frequency than the Bluetooth transceiver.

So, it’s not possible to combine the two.

There are just three options to pair Xbox 360 controllers to a PC:

1. Select your Traditional Wired Option

Although it’s dated although it’s not similar to A-B-C.

Once you have inserted your controller into the USB port your computer will be able to recognize it and start downloading the appropriate drivers.

You can begin playing straight away without hassle.

2. Get the Microsoft Official Xbox Package for Windows

This method includes the use of a controller, adaptor along with a couple of other equipment to get the system functioning.

The bundle is expensive but it’s impossible to avoid buying the additional items.

If you don’t already have a Windows-compatible controller, we suggest this option because it will provide an easier experience.

Even if you do not have one controller, you may purchase the bundle, and later attempt to sell the additional controller through.

3. Buy a Receiver

Microsoft doesn’t have separate adaptors available.

If you have a wireless controller that you want to connect to your computer, you can purchase it from third-party suppliers.

Be aware that these are knockoffs of Microsoft adapters and are likely to be of lower quality.

We’ll then examine how to pair your wireless controller by using methods two and three.

How to Install the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver

The steps for installing Microsoft receivers can differ according to the version of Windows you have. Windows version.

Windows 8 and 10 will automatically recognize the device as soon as you connect it to your computer.

Your computer can download and then install drivers without touching your finger.

To check, open Your Device Manager by using the Start menu and looking for ” Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows.”

For Windows 7 and lower, things can be different.

You must connect the adapter to the driver of your gadget.

After inserting the USB drive into the drive, a wizard will appear on the screen and asks you to input the current operating system.

If your Windows has the files you can select ” Install the software automatically” and then proceed.

If it isn’t, then take the CD included in the box or visit the Microsoft official site to download and install them.

Visit your device Manager to confirm that they’re installed. Then, click ” Pairing Your Controllers to Your PC.”

How to Install an Individual Aftermarket Receiver

Installing duplicate versions takes several steps and is more complicated than the original procedure.

But, it’s still working.

Whatever Windows version you’re running follow the steps below to create an identical adaptor.

1. Install the Driver

  1. Connect the connector to the USB connector on the bottom of the PC.
  2. Utilize the Windows Search Bar to open the Device Manager.
  3. Extend The ” Other Devices” category.
  4. Select the right-click to the ” Unknown Device” and then click ” Update Driver Software.”
  5. An additional window should open where you will need to select ” Browse my computer.”
  6. After that, you can select ” Let me pick from a list of device drivers.”
  7. Explore the list until you get the ” Xbox 360 Peripherals.”
  8. Select the device, then click ” Next.”
  9. There is a list of available models, of which you could pick the most current.
  10. A warning will be displayed to warn you to not install the driver, but skip by it before clicking ” YES.”

2. Sync the Controller

  1. Use the tiny ” pair” button on the receiver in conjunction with the button for connecting located on the top of the controller.
  2. Then, shortly after, press then the ” Guide button” at the center of your wireless controller.
  3. At this moment one of the backlights on the Guide key will change to green.
  4. Play now.

Note Make sure you don’t disconnect the receiver, otherwise, you’ll need to repeat the steps mentioned above.

You could also remember the directions, make notes and print it out or save this page to ensure you are aware of what to do if the dongle is thrown out by accident.

3. Verify that You’ve done It Correctly

To verify the function of the controller To test the controller’s function, search for “game controllers” in your search bar that is located at the bottom of the screen, and then search to find ” Set up USB game controllers.”

Try using the triggers, sticks, and pads to ensure that the app recognizes your movements.

When you press and roll each button each time, the circle on the screen should light up.

If it’s running, close the program and have fun playing.

How to Buy a Receiver

First Option

As we’ve mentioned that the best way to purchase the receiver is to purchase Microsoft’s official controller/receiver set.

It’ll cost you approximately 60 dollars. You will find it on the internet and in physical stores Amazon, on amazon, or on through the.

A lot of people do not choose this option since they already have the controller.

This is how: Purchase the entire pack and then make a sale on eBay of the extras.

So, you don’t be tempted to purchase an unsuitable or incompatible adapter, and then have to buy a different one.

You can also save money and make the most of your investment.

Second Option

If selling things isn’t your style the safer, but the less secure option is to browse the internet if you know you can find someone else who has separated the package for you.

You will always be able to find sites on the gray market that sell Microsoft receivers.

The adaptors are typically inexpensive, ranging from 15 to 20 dollars.

Be aware that since you don’t receive them in sealed packaging It’s impossible to tell whether they’re authentic or not.

To make your business more secure you should consider these points:

Choose options that include a driver’s manual and driver disk.

There is no need for accessories however, copy makers generally do not waste time or budget to create ” fake CDs and booklets.”

If you see someone making a sale of these things, then chances are they’re selling a lost Microsoft receiver.

Read reviews from customers. Profit from the customer’s reviews.

They’ll warn you of purchasing the product if they find it’s not authentic or isn’t durable enough.

Find out whether there’s a possibility of a refund.

Buy items that are identified with the words “fulfilled by Amazon.”

While it cannot assure the authenticity of the product, however, it will allow you to return it if you discover that it’s fake.

Check out the images.

First, ensure the seller has displayed the images of the item.

Pay attention to the brand’s name, and then compare the appearance of the bundle with that of the original ones.

Third Option

It’s often difficult to find a trustworthy vendor to purchase isolated Microsoft adapters, or

you’re unwilling to gamble.

If you’re not worried about getting an adapter of the second class at a lower cost the duplicate adaptors are a good third option.

They are priced at a significantly lower cost than Microsoft’s, which is between 5 and 15 dollars.

They are available all over the place: retail stores or off-the-shelf shops, as well as online stores such as Amazon.

Although there are decent products, the majority of dongles aren’t well made and could make it difficult to install them.

You will see the labels like ” PC Wireless Gaming Receiver” or ” X360” above their central button for sync.

How do you determine an authentic off-brand receiver

On the back of the original Microsoft adapter, there is a message that reads ” Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows,” and on the front, you’ll find” Microsoft” branding ” Microsoft” logo.

Any errors or additions can be a sign that the device is fake.

The prints or stamps on imitation clones generally include ” X360,” ” PC Wireless Gaming Receiver,” or similar phrases.